Regional Development Council (RDC) 7 officials for 2019-2022 are ending their term of office this 30 June 2022 with the hope that their successors will continue the work that has been done so Central Visayas continues to get projects and the funding needed for their implementation.

During the last full council meeting—and its first blended meeting in more than two years—for this term held last 23 June 2022, RDC 7 Chairperson Kenneth Cobonpue urged the incoming set of officials to take advantage of having been given the opportunity to participate in socio-economic development activities.

He also lamented that had it not been for challenging events—pandemic, super typhoon Odette, and oil crisis—that happened during their term, they could have done more work with government officials to make sure projects are implemented as scheduled.

Cobonpue, the sectoral committee chairpersons, and private sector representatives from Cebu, Bohol, Negros Oriental, and Siquijor were given plaques in recognition of their service to the RDC.

NEDA 7 RD and RDC 7 vice chairperson Efren Carreon, who is retiring starting 01 July 2022, was also awarded. The Council also passed a resolution thanking RD Carreon for his service and in being instrumental in promoting the region as one of the country’s investment destinations.


In his welcome remarks, Cobonpue gave an overview of the RDC’s accomplishments, foremost of which are creating the Special BP2 Committee per E.O 114 and the Committee on Devolution for the implementation of the Mandanas ruling, and the crafting of two regional rehabilitation and recovery programs (RRPs) for two major disruptions in the region’s economy: the COVID-19 pandemic and the super typhoon Odette.

He also reported on the key accomplishments and major activities of the RDC’s four sectoral committees, and those of the sub- and special committees.

These include the review and endorsement of proposed PAPs for FY 2021, 2022 and 2023 for inclusion in the agency central offices budget proposals, endorsement of a number of projects to the NEDA Board – Investment Coordination Committee, release of quarterly reports on the status of major projects in the region, and conduct of problem-solving sessions and field monitoring visits to major projects to hasten project implementation.

“I am thankful that each one of us in the RDC did our best in ensuring that our region is in safe hands… I wish for everyone’s continued support and cooperation with the new RDC term, 2022-2025,” Cobonpue said.

To facilitate a smooth change in leadership, the RDC 7 will be holding a transition planning workshop with the new set of officials. The workshop will help ensure that programs and projects that have been started will be followed through and identify priority action agenda to pursue in light of the incoming administration.