Highlighting the need to start economic and financial literacy at a young age, NEDA Regional Office 7 and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) – Visayas Regional Office teamed up to hold a students’ forum to culminate the Economic and Financial Literacy Week (EFLW) celebration.

The forum was held last 11 November 2022 at the BSP – Visayas Regional Office hall. Students from various high school and higher education institutions from Cebu City participated onsite, while those from other areas outside the city and in the provinces joined via Facebook Live.

BSP Visayas Regional Office OIC Maria Jocelyn Ladero said they believe that equipping people with the right financial knowledge can guide them both in times of hardship and prosperity. Ladero stressed the importance of becoming economic and financial literate at an early age so they gradually acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to make sound financial decisions and achieve economic well-being and financial resilience.”

BSP’s Josephine Hazel Cultura spoke about the features of the first Philippine polymer banknote and how to spot its genuineness. Participants were shown samples of the banknote to familiarize themselves with the features.

NEDA 7’s Ar. Neil Andrew Menjares talked about the findings of a study on the economic impact of pedestrianization of an urban space in Metro Cebu, a study commissioned by NEDA 7 to determine which sections of downtown Cebu City can be pedestrianized, and its potential economic impact.

This year’s EFLW activities went with the theme “ISAPLANO: Bagong Philippine Development Plan para sa Patuloy na Pagsulong.”