Capping off the celebration of the 20th Development Policy Research Month and the 2022 Regional Development Council Week in Central Visayas, the NEDA Regional Office 7, as secretariat of the Central Visayas Regional Development Research Council (RDRC7) and the Central Visayas Regional Development Council (RDC 7), organized a one-day training on policy formulation and policy brief writing last 30 September.

Public policy experts Dr. Aubrey Tabuga, Senior Research Fellow, and Dr. Sheila Siar, Department Manager III of the Philippine Institute for Development Studies were the resource persons during the training.

Dr. Tabuga’s session on policy formulation emphasized the importance of evidence-based decision-making and the use of data to properly craft the type of intervention that is necessary to address the problem at hand. She also gave a brief overview on systems thinking approach to focus on the interrelationships of causes and effects. This approach is especially helpful in unpacking wicked problems.

On the other hand, Dr. Siar shared that evidence-based policy briefs should be short but effective because policymakers need to make decisions under time constraints. Proposed solutions to a problem should be emphasized in the policy brief.

The training would strengthen the capacity of the members of the RDRDC 7 and of the NEDA 7 staff to translate research outputs into effective policy recommendations that can be promoted through RDC 7, the highest policy-making body in Central Visayas.